I felt it was time to switch blogging platforms... again. This time I've switched to NodeJS based ghost.

There are many reasons that caused me to land on Ghost.

Themes are built with JavaScript

It's no secret that JavaScript is my language of choice. I didn't need to read further, but when I did I got even more jazzed. Ghost uses Handlebars for templating to separate presentation from logic.

Ghost is NodeJS based

Again, JavaScript. My machine is pimped out for JavaScript development, it's a very natural fit for me to run an instance of my blog locally for testing and hacking.

Posts are written with Markdown

I'm really coming to like Markdown, but still lack enough proficiency to make me happy. Using it to write posts should improve that.


I've tried many platforms, I'm sure Ghost won't be my last. Most recently I was using Octopress and was not displeased with much of it. There was one large issue for me however -- I couldn't blog from any system I happened to be using. Ghost solves that.

Older Posts

Posts from the prior incarnation of my blog can still, as of this writing, be found at http://intensiveporpoises.com.